Security Issure Due to Smart Phones

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Introduction: Mobile phones have become a necessity in the modern era as their use has rapidly increased. They have advanced to a level where we can use them to access data from anywhere at any time. Many businesses and users use smart phones to communicate, carry out business deals and organize their work and private life. The advancement in this technology has also increased concern about the security related issues. The increase in technology is causing profound changes in the organization and it has therefore become the source of risks. The major issues are related to the personal information stored on these smart phones. There are chances that the device may be lost or stolen. Similar to computers, all the smart phones have become the target of attack. The weaknesses in smart phones mainly come from Bluetooth, Network, SMS and MMS etc. Now one of the additional concern are the applications that are being developed became vulnerable. There are a lot of security related issues to mobile applications that have to be resolved. Different security measures are being developed and applied to the smart phones thus reducing the risk of being attacked. Research: The most preferable way to overcome the security issues in the mobile phones is to enhance the operating system or the software itself so that the device becomes less vulnerable to malicious attacks. However, few years back the firmware security for the devices were based on central configuration which was possible

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