Security Legislations And Standards Of The Internet

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It can be difficult to make security legislations and standards since the Internet became more affordable enough and easy enough to access. It’s what you would say when everything is “free game” for anyone or anything. Even though there are plenty of laws on the books, enforcing them is another challenge (Shinder, 2011). While information security plays an important role in protecting data and assets of an organization, this changing world of technology comes with an increase in threats posing more of a need for legislation to deal with those threats. We need legislation and standards to help protect our information systems and the people who use them. We have kept legislation at a generalized status in order to allow organizations and users to freely use information systems. I will explain how certain criteria and factors are used to enforce certain legislations and standards.
Difficulty Making Security Legislations and Standards
Over the more than two decades since, state and federal governments have passed many statutes to address the problem of criminal activities that take place over the Internet. In the last few years, governments have taken up the job of protecting consumers and companies against poor management of sensitive information. A big part of the reason that cyber criminals get away with their crimes so easily is that catching cyber criminals and enforcing computer crime laws is difficult. Unfortunately, this has led to a steady stream of confusing laws and
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