Security Measures And Encryption Standard

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Abstract—Security is one of the primary concern in today’s era.Lots of Cryptographic Schemes are evolved in order to accomplish this.Advanced encryption standard is one of the secure cryptographic schemes now a days.The Proposed architecture incorporates the AES 128 bit Algorithm,compares the features of Core AES and Pipelined AES (on the basis of device utilization summary).The design is synthesized on the device Vertex-5 using XilinxISE. Keywords—component; formatting; style; styling; insert (key words) I. INTRODUCTION The large and growing number of internet and wireless communication users has led to an increasing demand of security measures and devices for protecting the user data transmitted over the unsecured network so that unauthorized persons cannot access it. The increasing need for Secured data communication has led to development of several cryptography algorithms [31]. Cryptography uses the encryption algorithm and a key to send confidential data through an insecure channel[26] There are mainly two types of encryption algorithms, private key (also called symmetric key) and public key. Private key algorithms involve only one key, both for encryption and decryption whereas, public key algorithms involve two keys, one for encryption and other for decryption [29]. The public key algorithm is complex and has very high computation time. Private key algorithm is simple and therefore, it is more suitable for faster implementation [30]. The AES (Advanced
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