Security Monitoring

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Security Monitoring
Mobin Bahrami
University of Phoenix
Information Systems Risk Management
June 22, 2012
Brian Hoff

Intro Security monitoring is an important factor in keeping any organization network safe as various attacks are on a rise. A company constantly must practice monitory techniques to keep their data safe. " The first step is to scan the internal and external environment and identify information technology risks before they become a problem. The key is to be proactive rather than reactive" (Marilyn Greenstein). Different organization consist of many applications that require a certain level of security measures and risk assessment. To determine the associated risks within an organization each application
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E-commerce applications require critical networks to accommodate video, voice, and data traffic as the numbers of users increase the need for greater performance and support is necessary. As a network in a company enables more applications and are available to more users, the applications become more vulnerable to security threats. To ensure e-commerce transactions are not compromised security technology play a major role, and there are four categories that must be addressed: * Authentication ensures the safety of the systems and data by blocking access to unauthorized users while allowing users access. * Authorization allows only the user to change or modify within an account. * Encryption prevents third parties from recovering the original information, which cannot be recovered without access to the key. * Auditing keeps a record of operations such as, purchasing a merchandise.
Human Resources Human resources are vital resources in any company to succeed business needs and support the employees to meet their objectives. Employees should be trained and motivated by the management team to achieve their potential. The data accessed by HR and management team will have the identity protection such as, username and password to gain access to company system. The level of access by employees will be limited compare to HR and management, which allow associates information to remain
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