Security Of Computer And Internet Crimes

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Aloysius L. Keaton Paper #1 Security to Stop Computer and Internet Crimes Introduction The computer and the Internet are important tools used by many people all around the world. Usually the computer and internet are used for information. In today’s society it is being used for unlawful activities. It is being used to distribute child pornography, money laundering, credit card fraud; identify theft, and all other types of crimes. Hackers are people who use their computer skills to harm society. They are responsible for a great deal of these crimes. Information gathered by hackers are available to anyone with the right type of computer skills. The less security you have on your information has helped hackers gain access to information and destroyed people’s lives, corporations, and businesses. In this essay I plan to discuss security to stop computer and internet crime, protecting your computer, and what security methods that have been put into place to prevent computer crime. I will look into the following areas: What is computer crime? What are the different types of computer crime? What to do to prevent hacking and protect computers? Computer Crime Computer crimes are on the rise 1 in 10 Americans have had to experience some form of attack on their computer system. If you are connected to the internet in any shape, form, or fashion then you are susceptible to being a victim of a computer crime. Computer crime is defined as any

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