Security Of Recent Hot Tech Toys

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Security of Recent Hot Tech Toys
Stephen Karpathakis
Professor Weichao Wang
ITIS 3200

During the holidays close to Christmas, it always seems that big name tech companies are always releasing their new and improved product that people all love. Whether it’s the: IPhone 6, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4, there’s no doubt that customers can’t wait to own one. When more features and functionality get added to these popular devices, they can definitely make everyday life more convenient and more enjoyable for day to day user. IPhone 6 new feature called Apple Pay, allows users to pay from their phone by just holding their phone and then touching the Touch ID to confirm their purchase and identity. Along
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Since many components of the new IPhone such as Apple Pay, Passbook, and being able to unlock your phone rely on this touch ID security layer; Apple has to make sure that this issue gets fixed. If Apple didn’t fix this, hackers can easily get into the Phone exposing all of your information or even worse, making payments on your phone if it got stolen. But After 2-3 weeks, people have now heard in the news about Apples new payment solution along with the fixed the IOS. When big name companies heard about this technology some were already on board and interested. Some however, was not since it sounded like Google’s mobile payment attempt with Google wallet. But how does Apple Apple Pay work, how safe is it to use, and how does it compare to other mobile payments methods?
Since this technology is so new, we first have to look at how it work by looking at what we do know so far. Apple Pay’s speaker, mentions that users will start off by entering their card into a secure app called Passbook. Passbook is a secure app made by apple in which adds another security layer to the iPhone. The apps purpose is to keep track of users: debit cards, credit cards, iTunes cards, boarding passes, and etc. When the user goes to add a debit or credit card to Passbook, the user normally has a couple of choices they can choose from. They can either add their default card they use for iTunes purchases or they can enter in a new card. When they enter in their card in manually they

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