Security Of Recent Hot Tech Toys

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Security of Recent Hot Tech Toys
Stephen Karpathakis
Professor Weichao Wang
ITIS 3200

During the holidays close to Christmas, it always seems that big name tech companies are always releasing their new and improved product that people all love. Whether it’s the: IPhone 6, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4, there’s no doubt that customers can’t wait to own one. When more features and functionality get added to these popular devices, they can definitely make everyday life more convenient and more enjoyable for day to day user. IPhone 6 new feature called Apple Pay, allows users to pay from their phone by just holding their phone and then touching the Touch ID to confirm their purchase and identity. Along with the new IPhone, is the new PlayStation and Xbox One. With features such as: in game social share, an advanced processor from online streaming, and 1080p graphics, makes it worth waiting for on Christmas. But are these popular device secure in terms of security?
One security factor that we first have to look at it, is the user itself. When some customers rush out on release day to buy these big name tech products, they might not want install the initial updates after powering the device on and just want use their new device right away. Without seeing any harm, some may think that since these products are created by tech giants, and should be well protected and keep up to date. But in reality, the very opposite is true. Since security…

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