Security Of The Internet Of Things

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Security of the Internet of Things

Natxo Vijande Jim Bown
School of Science, Engineering and Technology
Abertay University


The forecasts point that then number of Internet of Things devices by 2020 will be around 25 billion, which is an exponential growth compared to 5 billion devices connected at this moment, while these systems are still considered weak on security measures. The reasons why security is not strong enough rely on their poor management design and services offered and other known security flaws.

Investigate the weaknesses of their configurations related to the traffic generated by Internet of Things devices, to approach an improvement of those configurations, giving a list of possible attacks and countermeasures. The study is to show when security measures can be applied to these devices and how to apply them.

In a test environment network traffic will be analysed while a number of attacks will be used to determine the vulnerability if IoT devices. With these results a list of countermeasures will be proposed and applied when possible, to perform a second test. The solutions applied will be considered successful if devices are no longer vulnerable to the attacks. The work method is structured in five areas: credentials, encryption, services, management and physical security.

It is expected to show how devices can be exploited. The presumption is that after applying the countermeasures proposed
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