Security Operations Center: A Summary

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On Thursday, December 22, 2016 at approximately 2147 hours, Security Operations Center (SOC) notified FHEO Security in reference to a signal 54B (Missing or Eloped Baker Act Patient), from the East Tower room #502. Security Officers Omar Alonso (420) and Christopher Paz (408), responded to the scene. While enroute, SOC advised Security staff that the Baker Act Patient, who was later identified as Daniel GonzalezRamos (DOB: 11/04/1987 – Fin #86614786), was exiting the building from the South wing, stairway A, located in 5 East. As Officer Alonso and Paz ran towards stairway A and attempt to stop the patient from leaving, Assistant Nurse Manager (ANM) Tonya Smith rushed in the Emergency Department triage stating that the patient had ran towards the main lobby, west tower. Alonso and Paz conducted a search of the area until they observed a Hispanic male with black hair, wearing paper blue scrubs standing next to a visitor, later identified as Maurice, talking on a cellphone. Both Officers approached Patient, GonzalezRamos and advised him that he had to return to his room. Mr. GonzalezRamos was very uncooperative and refused to go back to his room. As Paz attempted to walk closer to him, he bolted into Lake Underhill Road. Officer Paz extended his right arm and attempted to pull the patient from going into incoming traffic, as he grabbed the back of his blue scrub shirt, the shirt ripped off. The patient…show more content…
2229 hours: OCSO arrived at the Hospital. Patient was wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and slippers. The clothes were worn over his paper blue scrubs. 2230 hours: OCSO and Security staff escorted the patient back to 5 East Unit. 2236 hours: The patient returned to his room #502. 2238 hours: OCS Deputy departed from the scene. 2352 hours: Registered Nurse Jyoti Sigdel administered medication to patient while Security stood by. 2254 hours: Security staff cleared from the call for service. Nothing further at this
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