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American Security_A2074972 After the September, 11th terrorists attack, the United States government 9/11 commission recommended that biometric entry-exit screening system was ideal for travelers who were leaving and entering the United States. They reiterated that this was essential for national security. Border screening systems were to be consolidated with United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology (Haddal, 2010). This was supposed to streamline border inspections. Legislations were instituted that were geared towards enhancing airline security, visa border security, and maritime security. The Aviation and Security Act of November 2001, the PATRIOTIC Act, and Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act of May…show more content…
What can become of a border patrol personnel who fails to raise his hands? Other than the security of the border patrol, the use of drones over domestic airspace has led to loss of privacy. Nobody can be so sure about their privacy in their own property because they can’t be sure nobody is watching them. Drones can now fly for at least 10, 000 hours and so far, at least 4, 865 undocumented immigrants and 238 drug smugglers have been apprehended since the homeland security initiated the use of aerial reconnaissance in border patrol (Booth, 2011). Considering that the “boots on the ground” in 2011 apprehended a massive 327, 577 illegal immigrants in southwestern border, if the number of illegal immigrants apprehended using the drones is anything to go by, then it is not worth giving a shot at. Sincerely speaking, these are just fraction arrests. The number of those arrested aside, the costs of operating the drones are also so high compared to costs related to “boots on the ground”. A drone’s hour’s flight costs $ 3, 600. It costs at least $ 7, 054 to catch an illegal immigrant with the assistance of a drone. The government spends over $ 240 million in purchase and maintenance of its domestic drones (Booth, 2011). This does not include operational costs. These costs are so exorbitant. Border patrol should be given the capacity to
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