Security Policy: Development and Implementation

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Security Policy: Documentation and Implementation

Most babies cry when they receive their first set of vaccines. Mothers know that they must go through this to ensure a healthy future. Like a vaccine the development and execution of a good security policy will help prevent danger and intrusion later. Being one step ahead of the virus is half the battle; it’s the development and implementation that will essentially win the war.

The average American is surrounded by security policies in just about every aspect of their lives, but never takes the time to acknowledge that fact. Your bank probably has fraud protection for you, the same as when you travel you must go through an entity of a security policy (e.g. metal detectors,
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What information assets must be protected?

9. What are users actually required to do?

10. How should security breaches and violations be reported?

11. What is the effective date and expiration date of the policy?

All of these questions must be criticized, debated and answered before any effective security policy could be enforced and followed by any company or organization. “But, expecting every employee to become a security expert is wholly unrealistic. Instead break down recommended security practices into manageable pieces that are tailored to meet individual job duties. A single, short and well-focused policy overview each week will be better received that a monthly volume of information that is overly ambitious.” In the example of the company profiting from collectables on EBAY, would most likely have a strict security policy. Having said that, you can’t expect an employee working in the mail room to know and abide by the same policies as an employee who has access to the company’s most vital information such as passwords, usernames and finances; but that’s not to say that every employee shouldn’t uphold to their own personal duties and policies to help protect the company’s assets and safeguarding the company’s private information. But in the company utilizing EBAY for profits you must expect that sometimes “outsiders” will have access to the company’s confidential information. “Outsiders (e.g. repair technicians, consultants, and
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