Security Policy : Security Policies Essay

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Chapter – 17 Security Policies Notes
• Security policy define constrain within which a network or system must operate. o Every organization has different policy based on their requirements. o The difference in security policies is based on the differences in security threats and asset values.
• General Functional Policies o When strictly followed and combined with effective technical solutions, wireless local area network security policies can reduce intrusions, risks, and costs associated with intrusion response and legal action. o Wireless LAN security policies have two categories.
• General
• This type of policy covers the items that do not fall into a specific technical category.
• Functional
• This type of policy includes the specific security requirements for wireless network.
• General Policy Issues o A critical success factor in the effort of a wireless security policy is to obtain sponsorship within the organization.
• In general security plan should address at least these issues:
• Resources: Controlled access prevents unauthorized users from consuming limited wireless network bandwidth.
• Privacy: Controlled access prevents unauthorized users from accessing confidential or sensitive data located on the network.
• Intrusion: A monitored environment alerts an organization about unauthorized activities and allows security managers to respond appropriately. o The creation of any successful wireless security policy may include input from end users, the network
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