Security Protecting Their Information Technology And The Company 's Material

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Unit 13 P1:
Security protects organisation or properties from an individual without authorisation. Security protects your computer from assault, theft and fraud etc. In business there needs to be a document stating how the company can protect their information technology and the company’s material. This all needs to be written down. The company’s security policy is always updated because of the employee and technology. There are many security threats on the internet, here are a few of them:
Identity theft:
Identity theft is when a criminal gets hold of your personal information. For example bank account details.
Virus is a code that attacks the network system and computer. This happens because the data files are contaminated and this is done on a system through the internet or disk. The virus tries to hid it self and send it self to others. The virus is harmful to your computer.

Trojan is a virus that makes the user believe that it is good for their computer and this virus is hard to remove this treat.

Trend analysis:
Trend analysis predicts the potential movements of a stock that is based on past data. There are different types of charts that you can create. For instances you can make a chart Traders get an idea of what might happen in the future, they get this idea from what has happened before in the past. The three types of trends are long, short, and intermediate term. Trend analysis is good because it does not go against them but rather it…
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