Security Protocols At All Entry And Exist Points

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Physical security: Security protocols at all entry and exist points will be tightened. Gate security and schedule must be safeguarded by the supervisor and released at the last possible moment. Guards should be rotated randomly at the shift locations. This will prevent negative habit-forming practices as well as defeat the purpose of having a particular guard at a particular point at a particular time. Most people entering the base are assumed to have a good reason for being there either as military personnel or contractors. Guards will be checked against possible complacency when checking for identification. The general appearance as well as the inside of the vehicles should be checked. Random vehicle searches will be increased. All military personnel, their families and civilians working on the installation will be educated on how to spot and report any suspicious activity. This can be done effectively through television channels specifically assigned to the installation. Bill boards and information boards around post will provide numbers to call when suspicious activity or objects are found. It is better to have many eyes looking than just a few trained eyes. General inspections throughout the post both inside and outside of facilities will become part of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This will include areas around public places, restaurants, swimming pools, commissaries, post exchanges, gymnasiums, libraries, child development centers and grade schools, soldier

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