Security Requirements For Mobile Operating Systems

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4.3 Security Requirements for Mobile Operating Systems. It is necessary to establish what type of security requirements need an Operating System on the modern mobile phones, considering the risk existing for the final users. According to different specialists (Ahmad et al. 2013), the minimum requirements could be: 4.3.1 Application Sandboxing. It is a part of the memory used to control and limit the access to the file systems from applications and external code. It is used as preventative measure, which works by checking the permissions assigned to each application when it was created to determine the source of every application.(Ahmad et al. 2013). A sandbox is a part of memory completely isolated from the rest of the system, especially from sensitive files like Kernel files. It is accessible only from applications that requested access after being installed and executed for the first time. A sandbox can be permanent when the resource change continues after the applications finish execution, or temporary when the changes are discarded after finish the sandbox use. (Schreuders, McGill, and Payne. 2013) When an “application A” need to work with another “application B” which already have a sandbox environment created (therefore without access to other system resources), “application B” will exchange its resources located in the sandbox area with “application A” without interaction with other resources. (Schreuders, McGill, and Payne. 2013) Figure xxx shows a typical
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