Security Risk Analysis, Risk Management And Security Policies

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Research Report
Security risk analysis, risk management and security policies

Introduction:- in, business or in any sector relating trading, banking etc., information security is an important factor in which it is necessary to secure or hide the important business details such as client detail etc. So in information system technology, data storage management should be extremely secure & the security conditions or security policies would be hard and there should be no flaw or weakness in information security system. Although, no computer system is 100% efficient to stop security flaws but the effectiveness of the information system should be so high so that it would be very hard for a person or intruder to hack the security management of the information system. In information systems risk can be physical e.g.: from an employee which work in the organization and logical e.g. from an intruder that can remotely access the system from outside without permission.
In my research report I will cover security analysis, security management and security policies. In security analysis, we find the risk level, security flaws which can occur in the daily practice of the system. In the security analysis, the risk assessment is done. There is a test which is used to analyze the security which is known as penetration test of the security system. In this test the system is under fake attack, but conditions are likely to same as that could be in the real attack. Intensions behind this…

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