Security Risks And Challenges Of Fitness Trackers And Health Monitors

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The article by Bertolucci illustrates the risk and challenges that are associated with wearable technology, which comprises of both wearable computers and wearable electronics. Among the body adaptable wearable electronics that this author considers as likely to be exposed to risks and challenges are fitness trackers and health monitors, which are designed in the form of smartwatches and optical devices such as Google Glass optical headgear. Notably, the article mainly focuses on risks and challenges from three main dimensions namely security, privacy and mass adoption.

Security risks
In terms of security, Bertolucci approaches potential security issues on wearable electronics from an internet based
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He cites the example of a fitness tracker who is likely to use wearable electronics to collect data which is personally identifiable as well as sensitive from a health perspective. Such information may be transferred through the internet and publicised without the athlete’s consent. The article also suggests that the health data from the wearable electronics may also be used by parties such as doctors and medical insurers against the wishes of the consumer.

Adoption challenges

The article by Bertolucci also highlights that mass adoption of body adaptable wearable electronics is in the current times a key challenge. He attributes this problem to the current balkanization of the market. More specifically, Bertolucci notes that wearable electronics lack a common operating system. The current fragmentation prevents communication and interactions with similar devices and hence the inability to achieve mass adoption. He concludes the article by emphasizing on the need for proactive steps to be undertaken in order to ensure a smooth takeoff for these devices.
This web article on wearable electronics is well developed and stays within the topic. It helps touch on issues that are undoubtedly important in terms of their potential impacts on users. Security and privacy issues are aspects that have been found to have a significant impact on devices such as smartphones, which operate on a similar platform as wearable electronics. In addition, the
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