Security Sector Reform

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SECURITY SECTOR REFORM Before I proceed, please allow me to give a sincere opinion on Lt Gen Gaudencio S. Pangilinan AFP (Ret) regarding his lecture on Security Sector Reform. These are what I think that makes Gen Pangilinan a good lecturer/speaker. He is a subject matter expert, knows the subject well, and can expand beyond basic concepts readily found in books. He communicates well and is very dedicated in what he is doing. Nothing new about Security Sector Reform (SSR) as we all know that SSR is a concept that was first developed in the 1990s in Eastern Europe. Since it has no fixed definition and no single model of a security sector exists, SSR generally refers to a process to reform or rebuild a state's security sector. In…show more content…
In those settings, making people feel safe and secure and (re)-building confidence between the State and its people is vital for sustainable peace and development. In different contexts, from Gen Pangilinan’s lecture, I was informed that SSR can even prevent conflicts or crises from emerging or resurging and it is also a process that many States undertake on a regular basis to respond to emerging threats or potential internal or external pressures. To conclude, the Philippines has yet to show its true colors but the time will come for the Philippines to rise as a key player regionally and internationally, provided these challenges have been addressed and resolved. For example, the lack of transparency in the security sector. Until today, the Philippines does not have a published national security white paper to inform the public of the government security policy and predicaments. Thus, with regards to the above matter, I have a few recommendations to overcome these challenges, because the Philippines is facing internal armed challenges affecting the good governance of the security sector, the government has to address the structural causes of internal armed conflicts, insurgency, terrorism and political unrests. Therefore, comprehensive structural reforms are imperative for SSR. Structural reforms
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