Security Site Survey

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SECURITY SITE SURVEY REPORT The DeVry Corporate Center The security survey at the DeVry Corporate Center was conducted on June 10, 2013, by Christian Moreno who was retained by the DeVry University for this purpose. Information set forth in this report was obtained from Gregory Smith, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, and from David Davis, Facilities Manager, and from personal observations of Thomas Brown during the inspection of this facility. This report is intended as a detailed audit of all phases of the DeVry Corporate Center security operations and a review and evaluation of those areas and activities most vulnerable to the theft or safety risks. Neither the DeVry…show more content…
* Campus security has a copy of the evacuation plan. * The Student Handbook includes emergency phone numbers for students, faculty and staff. * Displays of safety/security information are set up in the Lobby, Student Services Office and/or the Student Commons. * School publications are used as a forum for topics on the necessity of taking control of personal safety. * Procedures for informing appropriate personnel of any emergencies and emergency evacuation procedures are available in each department. Alarm System There is an alarm system installed but since the company operates around the clock there has never been the need to activate it. There are two emergency exits which are alarmed and clearly labeled. Closed Circuit Television [CCTV] There are sixteen closed circuit digital color cameras and the file is maintained for a period of thirty days. The monitors are located in the Facilities Manger’s office and at the receptionist’s desk. Another monitor is located in the vault area to allow employees there to view the lobby outside the shipping/receiving area. Visitors – Visitor Log Visitors are required to sign in a log at the receptionist’s desk and wear a visitor badge while on the premises. Recommendation The implementation of Universal Access Cards would allow an
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