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Strategic group map define as a industry that provide similar product to the same segment of the population ( Lyke 2014). With strategic group map it can help the organization to identify direct and indirect competitor beside that strategic group map also able to identify opportunities and strategic issue (strategic group map 2014).
The strategic issue to be concern in tea industry is the amount tea leaves able to produce by the country. Since amount of tea produce by each country is deferent the variables choose for the strategic group map is the “tea leave produce” will be shown on the Y axis.
For x axis the strategic group map it will be the geographical it exported to where this will show how much each country tea industries export tea to another country .This will range from low to high amount of tea exported by each country.
Given the range of tea produce by India there a number of competitor in the world that supply and produce tea. For rationale of economy scale a lot of tea producer countries try to penetrating with existing product by exporting to another country (Senewiratne 2013). In order to capture the competitiveness of these tea industries in the world, strategic group map places prominence of the amount of tea producer and geographical export by each tea industries country.

Through the strategic group map the following can be seen:
I) China seem to be main competitor to the Indian tea industries is China, it can be seen china…