Security Technologies1 2 Essay

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Security Technologies and Methodologies
CMGT 582

Security Technologies & Methodologies

In today’s computer based world there are several potential and devastating threats like hackers, viruses, worms, and Trojans etc. to our computers, networks, and confidential information. So as to protect any computers, networks, and confidential information the installation of security applications is vital and hardware systems to protect our confidential information, computers, and networks. Some of the most popular Internet security systems are firewalls, intrusive prevention system, intrusive detection system, access control, and cryptographic tools and processes. However, there is no Internet security application or
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An IDS can determine a thread and alert and block according to the configuration and settings as opposed to a firewall that can identify a threat only based on its configuration settings (Skillsoft, 2012).
Firewalls are basically a wall between your computer or network and destructive forces from the Internet. They protect a company’s network and computers by filtering the information that comes through any Internet connection. They use certain methods like packet filtering, proxy service, or stateful inspection to protect computers or networks. This type of protection system is use for keeping computers or networks secure by running any information through filters and discarding all information that cannot pass through the filters. By creating a wall between the confidential information that a company needs to keep secure and any potential threat then the company will not need to worry about who has access to their confidential information.
Intrusion Prevention Systems The intrusion prevention systems (IPS) are network security applications that examine the activities on a network or system for malicious activities. These systems identify malicious activity then they log the information that was retrieved from the malicious activity and then they try to block or stop the intrusion. “In reaction to a security threat, an IPS may drop packets, reset connections, generate alerts, or quarantine potentially threatening

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