Security Threats Are Caused By Hackers And Viruses

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Security threats are caused by hackers and viruses. Hackers use what they know to break into computers and computer networks just because they know how. There are several types of hackers to include black-cat hackers, crackers, cyber terrorists, hactivists, script kiddies or script bunnies, and white-hat hackers. Black-cat hackers break into computer systems and might steal or destroy information. Crackers intend on breaking the law when hacking. Cyberterrorists use the internet to hurt people or destroy systems. Hactivists break into systems for political and philosophical reasons. Script kiddies or script bunnies use codes from the internet and use the computer mouse to cause damage. White-hat hackers work for the owners of the system to find where vulnerabilities exist to fill in the gaps (Baltzan, 2015). To protect consumers from hacking and viruses’ information security exists. “Information security is a broad term encompassing the protection of information from accidental or intentional misuse by persons inside or outside an organization” (Baltzan, 2015). Even though information security exists unfortunately people are still subjected to breaches in security of their data. Breaches may occur in the healthcare industry, government facilities and also the banking industry. In 2015 alone there were several big data breaches where hackers gained access to a database members used to get access to a company’s website and services. One of the big breaches reported was in
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