Security Threats Of Network Security

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As the technology is growing the security threats are also increasing at higher rate. So, as to protect an organization from such network security threats severe actions and several steps have to be taken by network security administrators. In any large organization that is having large number of big servers, firewalls and interconnected network of hundreds of computers, security is one of the most important aspects so as to secure its network from intruders. Within the organization, all the computers and devices are interconnected in a LAN network or using a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). So, the most important task of network security administrator to secure its internal as well as external network from intruders because there are several ways intruders can sniff the network and resulting in heavy loss of data. There are several threats that can affect network security of an organization such as: Wireless Sniffing, DoS (Denial of Service), sniffing of VoIP network, trojans and unauthorized access to FTP server. Wireless Sniffing and potential measures to secure wireless Networks
In today’s business scenario, within the organization most of the operations taken place over a wireless network such as transferring data between systems using wireless, accessing internet and sending Mails over Internet. Large number of rooters is used for providing internet access and wireless access to computers. Consider a situation, in which if one of the network get sniffed by…
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