Security Threats in an Organization

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Security Threats Security threats in an organization take on many forms and flavors. How to deal with the disparate types and manifestations of security threats varies a lot on the types of risks and possibilities in play. While many to most organizations have common threats and vulnerabilities, they also tend to very a lot based on the size, type and location of the firm and its facilities. This is even true when speaking of risks that are information technology-related in nature (Kroneke, 2013). Response to Risks The best way to respond to risks, regardless of where they come from, is to be prepared in advance through counter-measures, prevention and as much proactivity in general as possible. This is because acting with foresight and some due diligence will prevent many to most issues in a lot of firms and situations. A sterling example of this NOT happening is when TJX, the parent of TJ Maxx and other store chains, had its wireless consumer data including credit card information and other sensitive information exploited. What is really silly about that whole caper is that TJX was using WEP wireless encryption and that cypher was cracked long before TJX was caught with its proverbial pants down (Ou, 2007). Had TJX been using WPA or WPA2, they would probably have not been cut so deeply. They are lucky they are still in business after that turn of events. The information technology staff was absolutely obtuse for using wireless technology in the first place for such
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