Security Vulnerabilities Of Data Transfer Via Bluetooth

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Security vulnerabilities in data transfer via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is becoming more popular as it allows data transfer within a short range with minimal battery consumption. The uses of bluetooth are ever increasing with introduction of wireless products such as smartwatches, headphones and also because of data transfer between two hand-held devices. With an increase in usage, there also is an increase in security threat.
Bluetooth, which has been vulnerable to security exploitations since its inception. The earliest form of this was the Cabir worm, which is believed to have been the first wireless worm. It could transmit itself to mobile phones using the Symbian platform when those devices were turned on and in discoverable mode. While it wasn’t very harmful — it sent a message with the file attached; when downloaded the file displayed the word “Caribe” on the handset screen — it served as a wakeup call to the industry.
Bluetooth threats have evolved since those days, and while they aren’t extremely dangerous they can still be quite serious.

When two bluetooth devices try to authenticate each other by sharing PIN, they are exposed to intervention. These weaknesses are a result of weak link key establishment protocol, which is necessary while pairing of device. Also since encryption is not compulsory and is created after the end of pairing process. It means that the various types of attacks can be performed well before pairing is complete.
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