Security Vulnerability Of A Computer System

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• Introduction Vulnerability is a weakness which helps an attacker to decease a system’s information. The security professionals have to be aware of these threats and keep up to date with all the latest threats and issues because if they do not have to be aware of these threats so there could be a great loss to an organization. An organization could be update their systems profiles if there are all systems are not working properly and have any kind of problem because some of the systems are vulnerable in the organization. Definition of Security Vulnerability The security vulnerability is a random detects which is open in the form of unauthorized access like viruses, Trojan Horse, spyware and adware in a system. According to Matt Bishop and…show more content…
to the websites which will helpful to the attackers to acquire all the details such as username, passwords, credit card details and sometimes money also. 3. System it attacks The warm link sent to the e-bay website and there was a download button and ample of people clicked on that link and their systems were infected by the malicious code like Trojan Horse. When victim installs the infected malware by the e-mail and they are directly log into their eBay accounts after that all the login details send to the hackers. • Figure 1 = Profile of the threat “ “ 4. How it perform its attack When we click on the infected link which tells us to change your security issues, then all our personal details sent to the attackers from where they misuse our details and purchase from our’s login and also pay from clients credit cards. The system of eBay was infected on 27 May 2014 , only some of the anti-virus recognized the malware and named as it Trojan Horse. They also have exploited their about me page from their website through this dangerous virus which infected the full website including all their customer details. “Moore said via email. “The addition of one-click payments via Paypal mean it’s now more urgent than
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