Security Vulnerability Of Information Technology

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This paper explores the most significant security vulnerability that information technology (IT) professionals face in the future. It provides definitions, dissimilarities between vulnerabilities, risks, threats, and risk along with real-world examples of each. This conclusion is the result of several research reports from various sources, to include IT professionals such as the Apple Developers who propose that there are several variations of vulnerabilities which exist, Microsoft, and The Certified Ethical Hackers Guide. This paper also examines four variations of vulnerabilities described in various articles reports, and websites and gives real world examples of each. These descriptions and examples also define as well as illustrate the vulnerabilities albeit each article has its own conviction as to what the greatest security vulnerability is facing IT professionals. Nevertheless, all vulnerabilities have a commonality discussed in the IBM Security Services 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index (2014). The IBM Security Services 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index establishes the correlation between the variations in vulnerabilities: Humans and human error.
Keywords: vulnerability, human error, cybersecurity, breach

An adage states, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” (Reid, 1850). Cybersecurity, a derivative of the word cyberspace, is a term devised by science fiction author, William Gibson. The term which he used, “consensual
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