Security Weaknesses of Quality Web Design and Recomendations Essay

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A company that deals with making web site and web business solutions is known as Quality web design is. The company provides its customers to provide an opportunity so that they can spread their business through the internet. The other business solutions accompanied are accounting, payroll marketing, also parts of the business process and for which it assets are employed. Here the solution of the weaknesses that are pointed in phase 1 will be called for there effective solution.


The company Quality Web Design provides business solutions to the customers... The circuit used by the company may prove various flaws to security and the
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Since the main part of business process include web development and for which the company have a database of over 250,000 images and graphical designs which have to be maintained and secured so for this need the company uses the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Service (TFS) server that comes with 1 web server, 1 application server and 1 database code repository. The first problem that is accompanied in using the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Service (TFS) is that there is not the facility to check the time that is spent on a project. Even the company is using the best assets, hardware, and software for the business process but even though there exists various security, hardware, and software weaknesses. These weaknesses are discussed in this write up and also discussed are the solutions that are recommended.
SOFTWARE WEAKNESSES AND RECOMENDATIONS The Email system used by the company is Microsoft Exchange 2007 email servers that include hub transport servers, 1 mailbox servers and 2 client accesses. On doubt it is very much strong email system but there are some weaknesses of it; the first is not able to support virtualization, secondly only 64 bit windows platform is supported and up gradation is also not possible
In order to overcome all these problems I will suggest IBM mail servers which have all these features. The company can face a big problem if a new version released, the up gradation of the software

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