Essay on Security and Terrorism

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The government can implement many new methods to increase security, or better yet give off the image of better security which is what they have predominantly done, yet ultimately there will always be a way to bypass or come up with a new way to infiltrate that measure. The government so far has done a variety of things ranging from the closing of the Dulles airport (permanently), working with the FAA on new security measures, having pilots carry handguns, and a not so specific, profiling.
Well the first and easiest of the new security measures is the permanent closing of the airport, which is very near the heart of our nation's political machine. Seeing how airplanes were used as weapons of mass-destruction
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Security checkpoints at airports will be monitored by FBI agents, not by hired people to monitor eye movements and other such behaviors in hopes of catching the "not typical but otherwise looks like a normal passenger" passenger. Carry on luggage will be effected severely as now, they will scrutinized with a fine tooth comb and no longer will they be so liberal on what can come on and what can not. The federal government will install the latest technology in bomb-sniffing, x-ray, and whatever other devices are available, to detect any explosive or incendiary devices checked on an airplane. With all these new regulations plus a list of similar ones, there will be several unpleasant side effects for the citizens of this country. Passengers should expect to arrive 2.5-3 hours in advanced to make sure you will make your flight. There will be a new security tax on all tickets which will up travel prices. In addition, more electronic gadgets, which are very often used by the business traveler of today and tomorrow, will be banned and strictly checked. However, the upside is that it should make citizens feel safer about traveling.
The fourth way of tightening security is more on a psychological scale. Last week in Minneapolis, Northwest Airlines officials hauled three Arab-Americans off a flight to Salt Lake City when other
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