Security of the Database System

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Introduction The term database system is used in encapsulating the constructs of a database Management system (DBMS), data model as well as database. And a database is described as an organized pool of logically-related data. There are issues related to database system such as security, legal, ethical and privacy issues. Database information can be leaked in different ways. One of them being SQL injection which involves sending unexpected data to a web server making it interact with the database. The data is capable of being sent in different methods after being specially formed making it have with itself SQL statements which are able to compromise any data source which is unprotected. The data can either be passed through the address or via form variables. SQL Injection can be prevented through syntax checking. This is because the hidden agenda of SQL injection attack tend to be the ability of the user to insert statements which are malicious into invalid user input. For this problem to be avoided users are suppose to sanitize input that have been collected from the user on the server side. The required sanitation which is to be done should be the removal of any back tick marks or semicolons because these are the stronghold of the syntax that is required for a proper SQL injection. Another advisable way of preventing SQL injection is through use of prepared statement where all the interaction with database is prewritten giving a chance for only enough rights the way
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