Security threats Security threats defined by acts or objects that pose a danger to a system’s

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Security threats Security threats defined by acts or objects that pose a danger to a system’s security Security threats divided into 2 types Technical Attacks and Non-technical attacks Technical Attacks Technical Attacks considered one of the most challenging problems that E-commerce should face. The responsible for these attacks typically target sites such as banks, credit card payment gateway. (McDowell, 2009) Denial of service attack DoS Denial of Service attack occurs when a malicious user attempts to flood a networked computer or device with traffic in order to make the computer or device unavailable, the attack gets its name from its purpose it’s intended to deny the ability of an institution or company to provide service to its…show more content…
(O’Raghallaigh, 2010 ) These are many social engineering techniques such as pretexting (where the fraudster invent a scenario to get information from the victim), Interactive voice recording (the fraudster gets the victim to get sensitive information over the phone), and the most used technique especially in e-commerce is Phishing (O’Raghallaigh, 2010 ) Phishing The user receives e-mail that appears familiar from one person, company or an organization but was actually sent by another person. The goal is to trick the victim into replying with sensitive information (Bill Wyman, 2013) There are many phishing the Techniques including: Harvesting information: the aim of the attacker is to trick a victim to a link and taking you to a website that asks for your personal information, these websites look exactly like your online banking portal or an online store, but they are fake websites or mails designed by the attacker (Bill Wyman, 2013) Scams: E-mails includes notices that you’ve won the lottery or a charity requests after a disaster (Bill Wyman,
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