See No Evil Review Essay

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See No Evil:

The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA's War on Terrorism


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Fall Semester 200N

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See No Evil Review

This report is based on the book; See No Evil, by Robert Baer. To be honest, I didn't read Baer's book. I listened to the audio version which has Robert Baer himself reading his book. While flying commuter and mail flights, I was able to listen to Baer’s adventures in the Middle East. There is a distinct similarity between this book and Harvey Kushner's Holy War on the Homefront, being that despite all the warnings our intelligence officers have supplied to our government agencies, there seems to be little or no action taken to stop
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That was the usual sign that the action would be to build calluses on the backside.

When Baer was trying to get information on the embassy bombing while working in east Beirut, he felt that he was working in the dark. He needed to be in West Beirut where all the good agents were, but that was under the control of Hezbollah and getting in there would be suicide. He had to resort to access agents, which didn't know anything, but could get to those that did know something. He found a good access agent and was able to dig up a lot of information with him and through the use of wiretaps, which is very easy to do in Beirut. One vital piece of information was about Hussein Khalil being a key player in the Glass kidnapping. He also found out that Hussein Khalil was in charge of the takeover of the Shaykh ab-Dalah barracks and was in charge at the same time IJO hostages were held there. The investigation lead to a terrorist name Mugneah and he could have had an assassin, he calls him Isom, take him out at a pending meeting with a muffler charge. A muffler charge is two cars loaded with explosives, one on each side of the victim’s car; a very effective high pressure sandwich. He decided not to do it, figuring that assassinations should be up to the politicians in Washington. He never saw Isom again, but he regretted his decision after that. Baer made the comment that if Washington would have recognized the terrorist threat back then, in the 90s,
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