Seed Germination Lab

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Effect of seed germination Purpose: To see the effect of an acid introduced during seed germination, on the length of the plant roots. Also shows how salt can affect the seed germination. Acid can be introduced to seeds during germination if there is acid rain. Knowing the results of acid rain on seed germination will help us understand how to grow pants better, and how to have more successful germination. Salt can be introduced into a seed during germination because salt is put on roads and the salt builds up and can contaminate the soil. Knowing the effects of salt on seed germination will allow us to know for sure if the salt is affecting the plants growth or not. Hypothesis: If acid is introduced to the seed during germination,…show more content…
The peas grew best in pH3 acid, with a mean root length of 40.5mm, and the pH4 acid coming in second at 33.65mm. This also shows the pattern that the higher concentrations grow better then lower concentrations, with water growing better and worse depending on the plant. This data shows a strange outcome, in the hypothesis; it says that “If acid is introduced to the seed during germination, then the roots will not grow as long as the seeds that are given water”. This statement proves to be untrue, because the roots grew longer with stronger acid than weaker acid, and in some, cases, grew better with strong acid than it did in water. This may be true because of the acid growth theory. The acid growth theory states that auxins cause the elongation of stem cells by promoting wall loosening. It was determined that this wall loosening is caused by hydrogen ions. This idea and subsequent supporting data gave rise to the acid growth theory, which states that when exposed to auxins, susceptible cells excrete protons into the wall at an enhanced rate, which in turn decreases the pH in the wall. The lowered wall pH then activates the wall loosening process which is essentially doing the same thing as the auxin hormone. Conclusion: This lab was a success, because it shows what happens with acid rain, and its effect on seed germination. The seeds will actually grow
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