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Making A Heart Connection

After reading Paul Fleischman’s (2002), “Seedfolks”, Kim demonstrated that making a heart connection with a departed loved one is possible with a strong desire and effort. The special nature of father-child relationship is unique with each child. The basic nature and responsibility of a father is to provide material and emotional needs and to protect the child from harm and/or danger. The child should feel free to verbally express him/herself with a sense of security - all of which would enhance the child’s potential to become his/her best person. When the parent is deceased it can be a challenge to embrace life until you began to seek the true life history of your loved one and perhaps,
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In Vietnam there must have been more land for farming than what they had in Cleveland. Although, Kim could have made excuses for the lack of land, she endeavored to connect with her father the only way she knew - with a strong will and determination to plant lima beans – to become a farmer as he had been. What I learned and understood about my father through conversations with my older siblings was about the impact of the loss of my grandfather (my father’s father) at an early age, heavy responsibilities taken on at an early age (hardship of the Depression era) to help support his mother and younger siblings. This led him to a strong sense of responsibility and a deep faith. But it all made him seem emotionally unavailable. The hard times for black families dealing with racial discrimination and the horrors of Jim Crow led to strictness that he, in all likelihood, felt was necessary for the survival of his children. There simply was no place for lighthearted fun. This greater understanding led to a stronger connection with my father, and an appreciation for such things as his devotion to having taken care of his family, his integrity, compassion for those less fortunate than himself, and the commitment as a deacon and Sunday school teacher. What I have discovered about myself is that I have in reality grown more like him. The traits I have in common with my father are the compassion for people in need,

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