Seeds Of Corruption In Macbeth

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A man, once praised highly as a valiant warrior, transforms into an indespicable tyrant, despised by all. This man is Macbeth, a creation by William Shakespeare in his play Macbeth. This madman fell from everyone’s good graces but for what reasons? I believe that the witches sparked the growth of the seeds of corruption sown into Macbeth’s heart which is cultivated by his paranoia and above all, Lady Macbeth.
At the beginning of the play, Macbeth is glorified by the Captain and presented as a loyal vassal. He is not shown to have the desire to become king until the witches present themselves as they hail Macbeth as king. Now that Macbeth believes that he is fated to become king, he considers what he must do. His fear is clearly shown as Banquo
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The witches gave Macbeth a nudge in the direction of becoming king, but Lady Macbeth shoves him in that direction. Lady Macbeth understand that that Macbeth does not have the backbone to go through with this when she points out that he “is too full o’ th’ milk of human kindness” (I.5.16). After convincing Macbeth to murder Duncan, Macbeth talks himself out of it once again and “will proceed no farther in this business” (I.7.31). Lady Macbeth, finally, resorts to taunts and questions whether Macbeth is a man since a man was suppose to be true to their word and intentions. Lady Macbeth is the epitome of a puppet master and know how to influence Macbeth into doing what she wants him to do through her unique diction. As a result, Lady Macbeth was the one who introduces Macbeth to murder which he later becomes addicted to as he laments, “I am in blood / Stepped in it so far that, should I wade no more,/Returning were as tedious as go o’ver” (III.4.136-138). Murder is like a drug. Once it is introduced, it will be commonly

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