Seefeldty Analysis

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The city of Seefeldty was founded on December 14,2015 in the United States by Isaiah Ruby and Kiera seefeldt. Seefeldty is on hilly and rugged land with part of Ruby river on the southeast side. Seefeldty has annual average temperature of 48°F and an average precipitation of 30.8 inches of rain/snow. The city has warm summers and chilly winters. In Seefeldty there are 1 large and 4 small very effective police stations throughout the city. Seefeldty has 4 small fire departments and 1 large fire department they are placed evenly throughout the city and are all very effective. The city has 1 large elementary school, 1 elementary school, 1 high school, large high school they are very effective and are placed where everyone in the city has access
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