Seeing Is Believing Analysis

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"Don't trust everything you see. Even salt looks like sugar"--Anonymous. Some people believe that once you see something, you can claim it to be true, but is it? Other citizens think what they see is an optical illusion, acting, or maybe even craziness. For example, back in the slavery era, the overseers, drivers, and slaves had to be in the hot sun either working or watching out for suspicious. When you are in the heat too long, you began to hallucinate because you are hot, thirsty, or even tired. You believe you see something, but is it there, is there any proof, or are you just focused on what you think. Therefore, I understand that the saying "seeing is believing," is not accurate.

I do not believe this saying because what your eyes see, is not always true because your brain and eyes are manipulating you. For example, the short story entitled, "Magic and the Brain," on the second page of the story, fourth paragraph, sentence 3, states, "As Thompson introduces his assistant, her skintight white dress wordlessly lures the spectators[2] into assuming that nothing—certainly not another dress—could possibly be hiding under the white one. That reasonable assumption, of course, is wrong. The attractive woman in her tight dress also helps to focus people’s attention right where
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Likewise, In the story entitled, "Heartbeat," the second page, paragraph 3-4, sentence 5-10, states, "I was sitting in study hall two weeks ago when Sarah said the magic words: "Have you been working out, Dave? You look bigger." I couldn't tell if she was being sarcastic. I went home and inspected myself in the mirror. I did look bigger! But then I realized the reason: I'd accidentally worn two T-shirts under my rugby shirt that day. It was just an illusion." A girl named Sarah believed the boy, Dave, looked bigger, but Dave found out it was not the truth, and he was just wearing two
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