Essay on Seeing More Than Black and White

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Critical Reaction to Readings for Week 4 October 1, 2013: I am writing my critical reaction journal based on my readings in regards to a two writings titled, “Seeing More Than Black and White” by Elizabeth Martinez (1998) in “Race, Class, and Gender: An Anthology,” [edited by] Margaret L Andersen; Patricia Hill Collins, 2013, (8th Edition ed., pp. 85-90) and “Color-Blind Privilege” by Charles A. Gallagher (2003) in “Race, Class, and Gender: An Anthology,” [edited by] Margaret L Andersen; Patricia Hill Collins, 2013, (8th Edition ed., pp. 91-95). In Martinez’s writing, I do not agree with her. I do not like her tone, her calling names, calling names that don’t fit everyone or all White people, classifying all Whites in one group. She…show more content…
Martinez (1998) mentions a young man whose life was taken due to scapegoating in Detroit, Michigan. His name was Vincent Chin. As I found in Wikipedia (1982), yes, he was beaten and his life taken in 1982 at the age of 27, just a few days prior to his wedding. He was a Chinese American male that a Chrysler plant superintendent and his stepson singled out on the street. The man, that killed him, and his stepson were upset because of all the layoffs in the Detroit auto industry due to Japanese automakers. It is more involved than this, but I wanted to point out that Martinez is accurate regarding this instance. Yes, I know these devastating acts go on. One occurrence that stands out in my mind happened in 1998, a 22 year old young man named Matthew Shepard, that was attending the University of Wyoming, was beaten and tortured and tied to a fence and left to die all because of his sexual orientation. I don’t have a citing for that because I remember it so distinctly because it was such a devastating hate crime. Martinez (1998) goes on to say that most people know about slavery, but these people don’t know about how the U.S. seized half of Mexico. I can tell you one thing, our class definitely knows about it, if we didn’t before, because we were definitely reminded of it last week in our readings. We learned of several devastating and horrifying events in history. I know I am going to do whatever possible to implement this knowledge into my conversations to
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