Seeing One Country as 2

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Seeing One Country as Two At the turn of the 19th century the United States had accomplished a change in power without violence. The inauguration of Thomas Jefferson marked a time in history when things everywhere started to progress rapidly. The two dominant regions the North and South, looked like it would be bearable to work with each other and be able to discuss any problems with healthy debates. However as time progressed toward the 1860s, the North and South proved to differentiate among each other with few similarities. Economically, the North was based on manufacturing while the South was rural based. Socially, the North was generally anti-slavery while the South was pro-slavery. And lastly, politically, we see the return of the…show more content…
Abolitionist movements began to arise in the North and this did not delight the Southern slaveholders. Slavery was encouraged by Hinton R. Helper in this publishing of Impending Crisis of the South. But it didn’t create a lasting effect for emancipation was dropped. Due to this, stricter slave laws were placed as many slaves attempted to rebel such as Prosser and Vesey. Their differences on social issues were the main cause of why the civil was even erupted. With the inauguration of Jefferson As President, it seemed as political issues in the new republic were not going to be that much of an issue. This political tranquility did not last the first 60 years of the 1800s. As the era of good feelings came to the end with the Whig party, the two party system, had returned to the United States. This development created further separation between the South and North as one party was dominant in one region and a different one in the other. As this separation was created, it helped create the inevitable was between the North and South. The only noticeable political similarity would be their Southern Code of Honor system and Northern “character”. It both represented that they each strived for living a specific way of life. The differences far outweigh their similarities and the economical, social, and political issues all contributed to the divergence of the North and South. What had started as a country rich on relying itself on unity, turned into a country

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