Seeking Asian Female By Debbie Lum

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The film “Seeking Asian Female” by Debbie Lum, follows Steven and Sandy’s journey to marriage. Steven searches for his dream wife within the Asian community and meets 30 year old Sandy, who too, is searching for her life partner, through the internet. Sandy later moves in with Steven and we unravel the positives and the negatives that they face culturally, socially and economically. Their language barrier proves to be a huge obstacle for them as they struggle to communicate with one another properly and there is a lot of pressure on Steven to prove himself to be financially stable enough to marry Sandy and form a new life together, due to Sandy’s inability to work legally in the U.S. without a green card. The topic of my essay is on…show more content…
Sandy had migrated from China to the America in order to be together with Steven, adding on the many other females who have dominated the many other women who have dominated the “U.S. bound migration since 1930s as women than men have migrated as spouses” (Hung, 2004). One possible reason for individuals marrying outside of their home country could be due to the “structural and demographic limitations that they face in their local marriage markets” (Hung, 2004). Sandy is 30 years old, and in China, she is viewed negatively for being at such an age and not having been married yet, thus leaving her be to unwanted by many who traditionally view her to be past the prime age for marriage. Thus she turned to the internet in hopes of finding an “open-minded” Chinese male, but ends up finding Steven instead (Lum, 2012). Despite being unwanted in her country China, she is one of the many Asian females who are very much wanted overseas by men such as Steven. There is also an idealization of America for Sandy, as she referred to it as a “paradise…everyone wanted to go to America” (Lum, 2012), similar to the Chosonjok brides in South Korea moving away with promises of a “better life, more freedom” but only to find that it’s a “distant reality” (Freeman, 2004). When the situation gets tough and in both situations, the women struggled to integrate into their new situation, their first instinct is to seek haven elsewhere. Sandy

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