Seeking a Job

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Seeking a new job I currently work for the City. I started my employment with the City on October 31, 2011. I have worked in three different departments during my tenure with the City. I worked in the Accounting Department, Office of Emergency Services and finally for the past five years I have worked for the Police Department. I find working for the City to be busy and rewarding at times, but most of the time I find it to be boring and repetitive. According to David McClelIand’s needs theory, my current position is not meeting my manifest need for achievement which “encompasses excellence, competition, challenging goals, persistence and overcoming difficulties” (79). Currently there is no opportunity for me to advance as I recently…show more content…
In the past this was a great place to work, but now has become very depressing and sad. I believe it is imperative that I find a position in an organization that fulfills my need for affiliation where I am able to establish good relationships with my co-workers. It is also important to note that I find that I am in conflict with the current management I work for which is another reason for me to find employment elsewhere. I see that their espoused values and their enacted values are not nearly in sync with each other. I find this disturbing and a contributing factor to the low morale of the employees. They basically do not walk their talk and it is very apparent. As Edgar Schein suggests, organizational culture has three levels; artifacts, values and basic assumptions. Of the three levels,“values are the second, deeper level of culture. They reflect a person’s inherent beliefs of what should or should not be.....However there may be a difference between a company’s espoused values (what the members say they value) and its enacted values (values reflected in the way the members actually behave)” (264-267). This disconnect has led to quite a bit of discontent amongst the employees and another reason why everyone is seeking employment elsewhere. I have spoken to quite few
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