Segerfeldt's Private Water Saves Lives and Postel's The Missing Piece a Water Ethical: Article Comparison

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Water is the protection of life. Many countries are lack of water ,and many people do not know how to cherish water in our country .A lot of people to waste water every day, since all of them just take it for granted. We should consider that Water- poor countries are faced with the seriousness of water problem and how much water they can handle, and are also focused at how to adopt measures to facilitate a continuous supply of clean water to developing countries.

On August 25, 2005, Fredrik Segerfeldt contributed an article entitled, “Private Water Saves Lives”. Segerfeldt focus as on poor people who cannot access water since most of them live in
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As supported by Christopher D. Stone, it is evident that rivers need special attention from the public(302). The main reason behind this is that, water inhabits many creatures that cannot survive without it. Even human beings rely on rivers for refreshment purpose especially for swimming. The American conservationist supports the water ethics issue in that they view it as an evolutional event meant to change the utilitarian approaches towards water(304). The best thing that the article is focusing is how to satisfy the need of the people rather than concentrate on natural resources with the purpose of maintaining them. Under his claim, measures need to be set up to ensure that clean water is protected from unauthorized access in order to reduce the problem of shortages. Postel advocates for introduction of ethics in use and supply of water. The ethics aims at safeguarding the clean water especially the natural one to ensure that people use it in a positive way. Since water is the stepping stone for each and every activity in any nation, once it becomes insecure, then the other activities are interfered with. (303).Postel tries to convince people to not waste water by saying that water not does just belong to the human. It can help the global markets to change from the utilitarian form of water management to a better holistic approach that will ensure that the relationship that exists between people and

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