Segmentation Strategy for Colgate-Palmolive

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These products serve consumers who have different oral priorities and problems. To date, the company continues to introduce improved versions of their products on the market, and they target different consumers and needs. The company's market can be segmented into three categories namely geographic, demographic, and psychographic.
Geographic segmentation ADDIN EN.CITE Shiffman L. G. and Kanuk L. L.201069Shiffman L. G. and Kanuk L. L. (2010)69696Shiffman L. G. and Kanuk L. L.,Consumer behavior (10th ed.).2010Upper Saddle River, NJPearson Education, Inc.9780135053010 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_3" o "Shiffman L. G. and Kanuk L. L., 2010 #69" Shiffman L. G. and Kanuk L. L. (2010) states, this segmentation is done based on climatic conditions, region, and population. The company does business around the world in over 200 countries. International operations account for 75% of the company's sales. Therefore, it is extremely significant that the company succeeds in other countries. Colgate-Palmolive has different products for the different countries though some products can be found in all countries. To ensure the company maintains its global brand, it conducts research extensively to ensure it has the right products for the different markets.
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