Segmentation, Targeting And Positioning Of Mcdonald 's

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The Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning of McDonald’s
Lin, Qian
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In the last lecture of this term, we learned the global marketplace. Obviously, for many leading companies it is imperative to choose the globalization operation. Among them, McDonald’s achieve marked success due to adopting an advanced marketing strategy all over the world. From my point of view, the video clip is helpful for marketing students because it is an excellent example to show how McDonald’s use suitable segmentation, targeting and positioning approaches to capture consumers’ value in different countries.
The first import factor for McDonald’s to differentiate from other similar brand is that they treat segmenting as the center in their marketing strategy. Usually, numerous costumers compose the market and companies should according to their objectives to choose appropriate methods to divide the market into different segments. Compared to the traditional package-food that has the brand managers, McDonald’s has their segment managers. For instance, they have a director of children and a director of young ladies or moms. As a result, the different segment marketing teams focus on varied consumers. The segments are wide enough to cover potential consumers, and are foundations for making value analysis towards them. Therefore, the segmentation is helpful for maximize the targeting marketing efforts.
McDonald’s uses
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