Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning of BodyShop Company

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Segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategy are important because it provides the information the business needed about the market and the consumers out there. By segmenting the market, the company can know about what each market segment needs and wants. Then they analyze whether the company’s resources are enough to meet those needs and wants. Resources are limited, and this will help the company to carefully target to the right market segment. Positioning helps the company to analyze competitor’s performance, and then the company can place itself in the right position. Once they know their place, they can identify the competitive advantage that might be possible to achieve and also the disadvantages.

By using an aid
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Income, occupation, and education: Students, working adults, and housewives are the main target of The Body Shop products. Especially for working women, they want and might have to look attractive in their workplaces. Being in an air conditioned room for hours may lead to dry skin. Considering the price range of the products, consumers with middle-high income or high income tend to buy The Body Shop product more often.

3. Psychographic segmentation
The division is based on consumers’ lifestyle, personality, and social class. Different people may have different taste or interest in different products even though they are in the same demographic or geographic class.

Women, as the major consumers, are highly affected by lifestyle, personality, and social class. All women tend to worry about their appearance when socializing in the community. This desire to look better and prettier encouraged them to buy beauty products that they believe can improve their appearance.

The Body Shop noticed that nowadays people are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Body Shop meets their demand of healthy lifestyle by offering products which are made from natural and organic ingredients, such as tea tree, sugar cane, seaweed, aloe vera, honey, and oil from several plants and fruits. All these natural ingredients are then being processed into a number of high quality beauty products. So, consumers can use these natural based products without
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