Segregation In African American Communities Essay

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Andrew Garcia
Dr. Markel
23rd July 2015
Phil 483
Segregation and Effects on African-American Communities
I suppose the majority of society would have the illusion that segregation in the United States died with the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and Brown v Board of Education of Topeka in 1954. What most fail to realize is the profound, and devastating effect segregation continues to have on minorities, particularly the African American communities. Throughout the relative young history of the United States, the Caucasian race has deemed themselves as smarter than the Afro-American. According to a scientist by the name of Agassi, “blacks are not created equal”, and he claims that they’re not fit to live in the same society as whites. This research essay attempts to inform readers on some major systemic issues that are prevalent today. Segregation is the reason why there is so much inequality among black and white communities. Segregation causes inequality for minorities and blacks in particular, they are deprived of important goods and services that are not offered and distributed fairly (Anderson). The areas of these communities which are most affected by the deprivation of goods and services include the real estate market, the blocking of capital through denial of loans and mortgages, redlining, access to health services, the funding of schools within the community, and the lack of commercial growth directly leading to unemployment and other social issues. To understand how
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