Segregation, By Luis J. Rodriguez

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Alvarez, Marlene May 13, 2015 Eng 101 Final Draft Modernly Segregated Upon thinking about segregation, Jim Crow laws come to mind. It is commonly mistaken that it is abolished, but there are ways that segregation continues to exist. It continues to exist in L.A, just not in the way of laws segregating them, it exists through marginalization. African Americans and Latinos are pushed into certain areas to live amongst each other while Anglos stay among specific areas, as well. There are several factors that contribute to this form of segregation such as: the amount of damaged properties, isolation of the "underclass", poverty rising in these areas, the conditions of the city, the lack of retail stores, and employment. Always Running, a memoir by Luis J. Rodriguez, shows different aspects of marginalization through the school 's Luis attended, the jobs he sustained, and the neighborhoods he resided . No one should feel as if they are underclass or that they cannot achieve what a "superior" race can achieve. These segregated views must end. African Americans and Latinos hold it against themselves that they cannot achieve the same thing that Anglos can achieve. It is based on the communities they live on. The youth of the community is mostly impacted. They absorb all aspects of their life as a waste, for example, they go home to find one or their parents unemployed or struggling to get by. They go to school to find that they have teachers that are not
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