Segregation In Elementary Schools

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Segregation has always been around whether it had to deal with religion, skin color ethnicity, or just personal choice, people are always there to discriminate against others. One might never know of all of the discrimination that occurred in the area they have grown up in until they are older and have a better understanding of why people did such things and how it can still be seen in today’s society. On February 13th, after government I went on a tour of the museum at was once Monroe elementary. Knowing that this was one of only four schools for colored students is an interesting fact. Going to the location of Brown V. Board allowed for me to see what it was like during this time, have separate hallways and the differences between the one for white vs those for colored. When I first walked into Monroe I honestly kind of felt like I was being taken back in time with just how well kept the building was and getting to walk through the halls and go through each part of the museum. For me one of the coolest things about the museum was they allow visitors to go into the Kindergarten classroom of Linda Brown, who was one of the reasons for Brown V. Board to occur. Personally, I think the museum did a really…show more content…
I had never seen Sumner in person before and I was shocked by the condition it was in. Having the whole school boarded up doesn’t really show the history that it could contain compared to Monroe. Sumner was the all white school and to me having ti closed off from the public is almost like we are trying to erase our past of how discriminated we were as a state and as a nation to those with different skin colors. At least the building is still standing so people have the chance to see an important part of history, but seeing what is has become is just another reminder of how sick and twisted this country once was, just my own personal
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