Segregation and Discrimination

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Scenario Our group focused on a small town, middle to lower class, rural setting. The students would be of average intelligence and physical ability. We based our presentation on the small town, because there are little ethnic variations within school districts. This can present a problem, because children don’t know how to respond to different ethnic groups, therefore, causing unintentional discrimination/segregation. Our teaching strategy of student centered role playing will be used during a 4th grade social studies lesson, in which we are discussing discrimination and segregation. The children are at the tender age of 9 and 10, and they can relate this activity to things that are happening in their everyday lives. School…show more content…
They will then be completing a personal reflection in their journals about the experience. Before we begin the activity, a letter will be sent home in order to get the parent’s permission to have their child participate in the activity. It will have to be signed and returned a couple of days before the activity. We came up with an idea in which we formulated a system, where half of the children wore white and the other half wore blue for one day. For the first half of the day, the children wearing white will be the majority, and blue will be the minority. Then they switch, and white is the minority, and blue is the majority. Some privileges that the majority would experience would be: a longer recess, easier work, studying together, treats, and an all-around simpler day. The minority would have to work by themselves, stay in from recess, not get snack, and receive harder work. Through this activity the students will learn the concepts of understanding stereotypes, unfair judgments, discrimination, and segregation. They will develop an understanding of how majority and minority groups are treated differently. Teaching Strategies in Relationship to the Domains The three domains are each taken into account according to the age of the children, and each domain corresponds well with our teaching strategy. The physical domain focuses on their gross and fine motor skills. In 4th grade,
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