Segregation in Sports

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Segregation in Sports
Back in 1947 racism was apparent through our country’s various laws oppressing different minority groups. Jackie Robinson witnessed this oppression during his amazing battle with segregation while being the first African American to play professional baseball. He was called derogatory names, fans threw things at him, and he had to deal with a world against him. He battled the oppression that he faced and managed to become one of baseballs greatest players and most storied heroes. He is seen as an icon of the civil rights era, and in the sporting world he is a symbol of triumph and tolerance. He was one of the first successful minorities in sports. With Jackie Robinson, people saw the beginning of the end of
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During my five years of lacrosse I broke my arm, thumb and dislocated a knee (which required surgery). It is obvious that this sport is expensive and requires a wealthy family in order to play. In order to practice for the varsity team I had to buy a goal that I could shoot on, and a rebounder that bounced balls back to me (each were around two hundred dollars). This sport along with other country club sports, are extremely hard for minorities and poorer families that live in inner cities. If I did not have wealthy parents that appreciated sports, I would not have been able to play lacrosse in high school.
Along with lacrosse, golf is another country club sport that is dominated by whites. “The United States itself, of course, is a white settler state on territory” (mills 28). Like most people know, whites are the majority in the United States. The majority of the golf population is white. Every part of golf costs money. Practicing on the driving range, playing eighteen holes, buying golf clubs, renting a golf cart, even buying extra balls when you loose some. Golf is a country club sport that requires copious amounts of money. Other privileges mills state include “ And the purpose of this state, by contrast with the neutral a state of classic contractions, is, inter alia, specifically to maintain and reproduce the racial order securing the privileges and advantages of the full white criticize.” (Mills 14). Again, Mills talks about the advantages that white people
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