Segway PT's Failure: Analysis

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|Case | |
|Analysis | |
| |R&D Management Issue: Segway PT Failure |

|Please keep this |Introduction |
|3-cm wide column blank |The Segway PT is a two-wheeled, self-balancing battery electric
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Moreover, within the social and cultural realm of the product, there are mixed views in |
| |terms of the acceptance of the Segway as part of the everyday culture. The initial image that may come across when first viewing the|
| |Segway could be regarded as “strange”, since there is nothing of this caliber currently available to the market. A product, such as |
| |the Segway probably, would not be able to be infused instantly into a society. There could be a long wait for acceptance into the |
| |culture. |
| |Additionally, a managerial issue worthy further elaborating upon with the intention of identifying the reasons of the Segway failure|
| |is related to the fact that the management team was not sufficiently consumer-oriented but rather consumed by the organizational |
| |goal of pushing into the market a radically innovative technology-driven product, which did not necessarily create optimal customer |
| |value given the high price of the product. Though Segway

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